Buy “Fund” for tax deduction “SSF” and “RMF”, what should I buy?


November 21, 2021

invest in mutual funds ”SSF” with “RMF“Another way to plan your finances for”tax deduction“For those with income must submitincome taxEach year these two funds, although they have the same tax deductible benefits. but with different conditions which must be understood before purchasing To help plan the most appropriate tax.

Online shopping in Bangkok Gather basic information about SSF and RMF funds, both similarities and differences as follows:

What is the difference between SSF Fund and RMF Fund?

SSF stands for “Super Savings Fund” Where “Mutual Savings Fund”May invest in mutual funds and receive benefits bytax deduction The main conditions and advantages are

– Invest in all types of securities Not limited to Thai stocks

– Investors must hold investment shares for at least 10 full years from the date of investment until the same date within the next 10 years (counting day after day)

– No minimum purchase requirement

– You don’t have to continuously buy every year, this is the year you buy, the discount for that year.

– Franchise in 2020-2024

– The maximum investment does not exceed 30% of taxable income, but not more than 200,000 baht. However, when combining RMF + SSF + provident fund + GPF + GOC + pension insurance, it should not exceed 500,000 baht.

RMF stands for “Mutual fund for retirees” Where “Common pension fund”Is a mutual fund that focuses onlong term savingsfor expenses on episodes “withdrawWhich is similar to the Private Sector Provident Fund (Provident Fund) and the Government Pension Fund (Government Fund) for civil servants, whose main conditions and benefits are:

– Able to invest in all types of assets

– Hold at least 5 years and must hold until the age of 55

– There is no minimum purchase amount.

– Must continue to invest each year except maximum 1 year

– Can be used for tax deduction in the year of investment Maximum not more than 30% of income, but not more than 500,000 baht, but including SSF + Contingency Fund + GPF + GOC, the tax deduction does not exceed not 500,000 baht.

Which between “SSF” and “RMF” is better to buy?

From the above information, it can be seen that both types of funds have the same savings goals. but different investment conditions The choice to invest between SSF and RMF must be chosen according to the investment objectives of each. including the risks that may be taken which may be taken into account on the basis of future investment objectives as follows:

SSF Suitable for those who wish to invest over a period of at least 10 years.without having to use the amount of money to invest in SSF and want the right to reduce taxes

part RMF Suitable for those who want to save for their retirement. long term storage therefore particularly suitableindependent group without retirement savings benefits, employees or employees without pension benefits or an employee / government with retirement savings who wish to save more

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