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On Tuesday November 3, Finland will publish the list of people who won 100,000 euros or more in 2019.

Last year, the tax administration released the income and tax data of 70,300 people who earned 100,000 euros or more in 2018. Image: Tiina Juutila / Yle

The outcome of a challenge to a decision by the tax authorities to allow more than 4,000 people not to appear on its annual high income list will not be known until early next year.

The Finnish tax administration said it would censor the names of people who would otherwise appear on the list, but requested anonymity.

Individuals took advantage of EU data protection regulations and expanded national data privacy laws that came into effect in early 2019 that allow people to request that their names and income information be removed from lists public.

The tax administration cited data protection regulations as a rationale for allowing individuals to withhold their income information. Normally, ordinary people can hide their name from the list on the basis of safety or health concerns.

Yle and other media have taken issue with the data privacy argument. Last year, Yle appealed the policy to an administrative tribunal and a decision could be made by January 2021.

Most promote transparency

In practice, the tax administration does not have the means to thoroughly examine the thousands of requests from people wishing to have their names removed from the income rankings. Out of 4,600 such requests, only 67 were rejected.

Finland publishes an annual list of people who earn more than 100,000 annual income. After eliminating those who requested anonymity, the tax authorities will publish the names, income and tax contributions of some 70,000 people on Tuesday (November 3).

Last year, the tax administration released the income and tax data of 70,300 people who earned 100,000 euros or more in 2018. The annual exercise provides a picture of the income, employees and taxes they pay.

Yle has generally published the names and income information of the top 1,000 members of this group and will do so once again this year. Last year the lowest income of the top 1,000 was around 900,000 euros, so the jumbo jets belong to a real millionaire club.

According to a new survey from Yle, 47% of those polled said they were in favor of continuing to publish data on the incomes of top earners, compared with 38% who said people should be able not to. put their name on the list. Some 16 percent did not take a position on the issue.

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